Rules for uploading photos

We welcome users who upload genuine photos. Following these rules is easy when you add your photos to your profile.

Please review the list of prohibited materials below that you cannot upload on

Prohibited Photo Uploads:

– With pornography and erotica: naked bodies, bare torsos, in swimsuits, in lingerie;
– With insults or violence against people or animals;
– Someone else’s photos;
– Photos with weapons including those from the military, fishing, shooting ranges, and any other cases. Note that knives and bows are also considered weapons;
– With children;
– With advertising from other sites;
– With contact information;
– Photos prohibited by law:
– Images and other materials violating legal rights, including copyright;
– Any materials demonstrating sexual violence, and sexually explicit content featuring minors;
– Content demonstrating or promoting violence;
– Materials created by terrorist groups or at their behest;
– Calls for rallies and other expressions of political views.

Not Recommended Photo Uploads:

– With frames;
– Where your face is not visible;
– With stickers and any other graphical materials;
– With processing or filters that significantly alter your face;
– Photos where you are not present;
– Any images, quotes, or pictures downloaded from the Internet;

Photos from this list cannot be set as your avatar, but they will be displayed in your profile. You can only send these photos in private messages.

To ensure that the photo belongs to you, has a photo verification process. To verify your identity, you will need to send a selfie with the gesture indicated in the example. Don’t worry, no one will see this photo.

These rules were created to make finding a match on safe and enjoyable. Please note that all photos are moderated by site moderators so you can communicate with real users without problems.